I’m an average human being; average being, I’m not Einstein, I’m not Miss America, and I’m not Mother Teresa! 🙂 I’m just one of those normal folks trying to make their way in the world! This blog is a way to get my overwhelming (at times) thoughts about life and the universe out of my head, before the cats get tired of me talking to them about all of it and stage a midnight coup!

So what about me? Hmmm, I’m a social geek. I am pop-culture unaware, to the point that I’ll sometimes surprise myself by knowing a name of someone who is somehow “relevant” at the moment. I don’t watch much TV. I don’t watch many movies. I read tons, but not many fiction or best-sellers. Yep, I’m the one who’s never seen or read a Harry Potter, a Twilight, a Star Wars (other than the very first one, which was forced on us in school!) or a Tolkien (the movies anyway; read the books years and years ago and wasn’t impressed).

Politically, I’m unaffiliated. No, really. I’m registered as an independent, and I don’t see that ever changing. All political parties are half-wrong, half-right, and mostly corrupt! There is no perfect political ideology or government, and all it seems to be is a bunch of power-hungry people negatively bashing each other in public. What’s the point? Oh, I vote; I’ve served in the military to guarantee that right to all Americans, I’m certainly going to take part in it. But I refuse to comment publicly in social media or in work/school settings regarding politics. Just ain’t my thing.

I’m also religiously unaffiliated. Yes, seriously. All religions I think have a bead of truth to them. But my religion is being a decent human being; treating others right, treating them better than I expect to be treated; to give to the universe the positive energy I hope to receive from it; and to do what is good and right to the best of my ability. Just because I don’t label my beliefs doesn’t make my faith weak; I think, conversely, it makes it even stronger. And I have yet to read about any religion that discourages it’s followers from being good or decent people.

So…..here’s a few things. Jeff Buckley’s “Satisfied Mind” is the most beautiful song ever. “Little Women” is the greatest book of all time because my grandmother had a fondness for it and we bonded over it. The 1993 Philadelphia Phillies were the most fun team ever. Figure skating IS indeed a sport (and one that can be enjoyed at the same time as Sunday football, if one is open-minded enough). And in this world, this society that is constantly trying to tell us how we are not good enough (not tall enough, not young enough, not thin enough, etc etc etc), LOVE (including self-love) is a revolution, and HAPPINESS is rebellion!! And I have always been a deviant of sorts! 🙂



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