New year, new gear, get ready for battle

So, do you make new year’s resolutions? Those fleeting thoughts of “I should…..” that go the way of the dodo bird within a few weeks? Yeah, I’m in that boat. “Be nicer”. “Curse less” (hahahahaha, that one always makes me chuckle!) Lose weight. Read more books. Journal. Evolve as a human being. Etc. And with the exception of the last one (let’s face it, we’re always evolving), I don’t succeed.

There are two I have managed to succeed with in the past few years. One is a social media initiative, in which for every person on my Facebook friends list, I at least once during the year send them a special note thanking them for who they are to me, and telling them what I like and appreciate most about them. This is now going into year 3 of doing this, and it’s one that I have seen through the entire year.

The other is to publicly repeat the “100 days of happiness” challenge, by stating (and usually posting a photo of) something each day that makes me happy, or smile, or just improves my mental status somewhat. While I’ve done a full year of “happy days” before, I now stick to completing the 100 days each year. Let’s face it, if we lower our expectations, we have a much better chance of success! 😉

This past year (or a bit more, actually), I have been struggling a bit with the depression and anxiety that have been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. There have been ups and downs, but I have yet to get it fully under control. And so, this is the year of control!

Yes, the year of again journaling! (although by not telling myself that I will do it daily helps me to succeed; lower expectations!) A year of getting outside more with my little furry, four-legged buddy. A year of being around family more. A year of further challenging my abilities to improve at work, and to elevate myself as best possible. To exercise more (maybe lose weight, maybe not, but release endorphins!) Read more (thank you, Pop Sugar challenge!) To meditate more and spend more time in quiet, calm things, rather than mindless television on for background noise. On to moving forward into more of the life I am capable of.

Move aside, here is MY fight song! (Thanks Deva!!!)

2 thoughts on “New year, new gear, get ready for battle

  1. Good job, baby girl❣️😃 Want to see more of you…….ALWAYS❣️❣️ You are so loved……more than you know 🍀🌈🦋💐😘😘


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